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Materials from the 2008 Dallas Recruiting Roadshow

It’s been a whirlwind since the highly successful Dallas Roadshow Last week. The RecruiterGuy offers a great recap.

Here are the materials:

- John Sumser’s Introduction and Presentation (Spiky and Flat)
- Jeff Kaye’s Presentation: Next Level Strategy for a Next Level Workplace
- Hank Stringer’s materials from Excellence in Search Relationships
- Dennis Smith’s delightful package Social Recruiting

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Martone Does It Again

(January 30, 2008) The nice thing about an idea like the Recruiting Roadshow™ is that it seems to inspire lots of help. Our sponsors enjoy giving back to the community, knowing that their investment in education will deliver significant returns. They are generally willing to bet that they are investing in the right thing.

Then we have amazing friends like Matt Martone of Yahoo HotJobs.

Without prompting, Matt has pulled together the Recruiting Roadshow logo Challenge. He’s offering $100 to anyone who generates a logo that we pick to use on this site.The Details are here.  Thanks, Matt

John Sumser. – © 2008 Two Color Hat, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA

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Jason (JD) Davis and

(January 18, 2008) Jason Davis and are the first charter sponsors for the entire 2008 Recruiting Roadshow™ series.  They join Don Ramer and Arbita, the first underwriters as pivotal financial and logistical supporters.

In a move that simultaneously validates his encouragement of ongoing professional education and the development of professional online community, Jason Davis will provide financial support, at the sponsorship level for the Recruiting Roadshow. As a part of the arrangement, participants in Roadshow events will be given opportunities to join the community at is now the official online community of the Recruiting Roadshow™. With nearly 1,000 members, is the fastest growing online network for recruiters around the planet. The network is built on the Ning platform and includes a variety of methods for interaction and collaboration between Recruiters.

Jason Davis, who founded, is a serial entrepreneur and long time Recruiter. Currently, Jason wears several hats. He keeps his fingers in the Recruiting game making a placement here and there. He specializes in the acquisition and sale of Recruiting-related domain names. He is the charismatic heart of the community. He is worrking long and hard on behalf of The Fordyce Letter ( as well.

The man is everywhere.

Wherever Jason lands, things start happening. At his best organizing a party, he has single-handedly built the Recruiting Industry’s very own Charity Poker tour. One thing is for sure. Things are going to get really interesting now that Jason is involved. Thank you, Jason. Your support and generosity will provide a profound foundation for the Recruiting Roadshow™.

John Sumser. – © 2008 Two Color Hat, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA

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